The gems related with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter should be worn on the right hand. Hence wearing gems on the appropriate fingers, would bring good health, prosperity, name and fame, saves one from wild animals, accidents, evil effects of poison and negative effects of ill-aspected planets.
Aug 22, 2020 · Usually, the most important information is reinforced more times in the natal chart. Keep reading to learn how to recognize musical talent in astrology! Musical and Singing Talent in Astrology. Musical ability in astrology is connected with the zodiac signs Taurus and Pisces.
Sunapha Yoga. When the second home from moon signal is occupied by a planet apart from the solar the Sunapha yoga arises. This yoga bestows upon the native standing, big wealth, and capability to earn his fortune, spiritual inclination, virtuous pursuits, and quiet nature.
I can't access your chart on phone but provided that you have a good bunch of planets sitting at the front door it's possible that you do receive alot of attention. Venus, Jupiter & Leo all tend to be courteous signs extending themselves to...